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Presenting Fragments as Quotations or Quotations as Fragments

Dr. Alexandra Trachsel (King’s College London/University of Hamburg), Presenting Fragments as Quotations or Quotations as Fragments Tuesday, 19 February 2013 17:00-18:30 TOPOI-Haus Dahlem, Hittorfstr. 18, 14195 Berlin (map)

From Ancient Manuscripts to the Digital Era

Des manuscrits antiques à l’ère digitale. Lectures et littératies Université de Lausanne, August 23-25, 2011 Full Program Among the papers presented at this conference, we signal the following ones: Leonard Muellner et Mary Ebbott (Boston): Multitextual Reading and the Future of the Homer Multitext (August 24) Marie-Claire Beaulieu, Francesco Mambrini & J. Matthew Harrington (Tufts […]

Workshop on Historical Texts (Perseus Project, January 13-14, 2010)

Here is the program of a workshop on historical texts, which will be held at the Perseus Project at Tufts University on January 13 and 14, 2010: Workshop on Historical Texts Two papers will be devoted to the problem of editing fragments: Monica Berti, Fragmentary Texts & Digital Libraries Alexandra Trachsel, An Online Edition of […]

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