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The Digital Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (DFHG) Project

As a first step within the Leipzig Open Fragmentary Texts Series (LOFTS), the Humboldt Chair announces the Digital Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (DFHG) Project, whose goal is to produce a digital edition of the five volumes of Karl Müller’s Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (FHG) (1841-1870), which is the first big collection of fragments of Greek historians ever realized.

The edition of fragmentary texts: scattered remarks

Virgilio Costa sends us a document on the practice of editing and commenting fragments of ancient Greek historians: The Edition of Fragmentary Texts: scattered remarks In this document he reflects on the fundamental duties of an editor when working with fragmentary texts. Virgilio Costa is professor of Greek history at the University of Rome Tor […]

Gedenkfeier aus Anlass des 50. Todestages von Felix Jacoby

On November 10, 2009 the Humboldt University of Berlin and the German Archaeological Institute held a conference to commemorate Felix Jacoby fifty years after his death. Felix Jacoby was the scholar who collected the fragments of the Greek historians in Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. See the Program of the conference Read the Report of […]

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