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Rediscovering Philology

Gregory Crane Alexander von Humboldt Professor of Digital Humanities University of Leipzig Professor of Classics Tufts University Editor in Chief, Perseus Project This paper began as a contribution to the debate on whether or not the APA should change its name. A hundred and forty years later, the central leadership of the American Philological Association […]

The Open Philology Project and Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at Leipzig

Initial Research Plan (April 2013) Alexander von Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities The University of Leipzig Abstract: The Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig sees in the rise of Digital Technologies an opportunity to re-assess and re-establish how the humanities can advance the understanding of the past and to support a […]

Classics & Digital Humanities

Gregory Crane, editor in chief of the Perseus Digital Library, was invited as a Visiting Professor to the University of Rome Tor Vergata on October 20-27, 2009. On that occasion, he gave three seminars in Italian on the following topics: La storia di Perseus Digital Library e la nascita delle Digital Humanities negli Stati Uniti […]

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