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21st Century Citation and Practical Quotation in a Digital Library

21st Century Citation and Practical Quotation in a Digital Library Professor Christopher W. Blackwell (Furman University) Thursday January 17th, 13:00 Room B.7, Classics Department, King’s College London The heart of humanist scholarship is “quotation”, reproduction plus citation. Reproduction lets us focus on an object of study — a word, a verse. Citation saves us from […]

How do we quote from an image? The Image Citation Tool

How do we quote from an image? This is the big question at the core of the new tool developed by The Homer Multitext Project.

Citations for evaluating scholarly publications

We post an article by Piero Attanasio published in the last issue of the review Informatica Umanistica (5, 2011): Valutazione delle pubblicazioni ed effetti sul settore editoriale The paper deals with questions concerning the evaluation of Italian scholarly publications and addresses some interesting issues about citations as a criterium for evaluating editorial products.

eTRACES – Winged words, quotations and our cultural heritage

 Be it science or the everyday life – our language contains numerous trails of our cultural legacy in the form of winged words and quotations. Scientists now created new software tools for making this cultural legacy available in digital libraries. With the help of those programs the origin and dissemination of text passages, quotes and […]


Thanks to Marco Büchler and Matthias Richter for signalling us this link to xkcd: Citogenesis

Citation obsession?

We post here a link to an interesting article by Kurt Schick (The Chronicle – October 30) on modern “citation obsession”, a problem that nowadays concerns not only scholars, but also librarians, tutors, and students.  The author of the article mentions The Citation Project, which is  is a multi-institution research project responding to educators’ concerns […]

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