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21st Century Citation and Practical Quotation in a Digital Library

21st Century Citation and Practical Quotation in a Digital Library Professor Christopher W. Blackwell (Furman University) Thursday January 17th, 13:00 Room B.7, Classics Department, King’s College London The heart of humanist scholarship is “quotation”, reproduction plus citation. Reproduction lets us focus on an object of study — a word, a verse. Citation saves us from […]

Homer Multitext Tutorial: Using the Image Citation Tool to “Quote” from an Image of the Venetus A

Students and researchers can use the HMT Image Citation Tool to “quote” from high resolution images of the Venetus A. This tutorial attempts to provide very practical, step-by-step guidance to help new users create and use quotations from these valuable images. To learn more about how and why you might want to use this tool, […]

How do we quote from an image? The Image Citation Tool

How do we quote from an image? This is the big question at the core of the new tool developed by The Homer Multitext Project.

From Ancient Manuscripts to the Digital Era

Des manuscrits antiques à l’ère digitale. Lectures et littératies Université de Lausanne, August 23-25, 2011 Full Program Among the papers presented at this conference, we signal the following ones: Leonard Muellner et Mary Ebbott (Boston): Multitextual Reading and the Future of the Homer Multitext (August 24) Marie-Claire Beaulieu, Francesco Mambrini & J. Matthew Harrington (Tufts […]

Fragmentary texts and digital libraries

I post a document with some notes on the main characteristics of fragmentary texts to be represented in a digital library of classical sources: Fragmentary Texts and Digital Libraries

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