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Assembling bricks in the toy box

Monica Berti, “Assembling Bricks in the Toy Box: Quotations and Text Re-use Detection of Lost Works”: eTraces Talks, Universität Leipzig – Raum 0-18, Johannisgasse 26, June 26, 2012, 9:00 am

Historical Text Re-use Google Group

Here is a new Google Group called “Historical Text Re-use“. This group is about historical text re-use like quotations, paraphrases, and allusion over several centuries. The main goal of this group is to organize and identify the community. Furthermore, to inform about recent activities in different projects or research papers. Join the group and participate […]

Citation obsession?

We post here a link to an interesting article by Kurt Schick (The Chronicle – October 30) on modern “citation obsession”, a problem that nowadays concerns not only scholars, but also librarians, tutors, and students.  The author of the article mentions The Citation Project, which is  is a multi-institution research project responding to educators’ concerns […]

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