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The Fragments of the Works of Xenophon

Here is the publication of the fragments of the works of Xenophon, edited in the series “Corpus dei papiri storici greci e latini”: 8 – Corpus dei papiri storici greci e latini. Parte A. Storici greci. 1. Autori noti. I frammenti delle opere di Senofonte, a cura di Natascia Pellé, 2010, pp. 226, Fabrizio Serra […]

Six Comic Poets: A Commentary on Selected Fragments of Middle Comedy

Athina Papachrysostomou (ed.), Six Comic Poets: A Commentary on Selected Fragments of Middle Comedy. Drama: Studien zum antiken Drama und seiner Rezeption; N.S., 4.  Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, 2008. Pp. 303. ISBN 9783823363781. €58.00 This book provides a commentary on the most important remains of several of the key poets of the Athenian Middle Comedy.

The fragments of the Attic comic poet Strattis

Here is the first complete commentary to the 91 fragments of the Attic comic poet Strattis (ca. 410-380 BC): Christian Orth (ed.). Strattis: die Fragmente. Ein Kommentar. Studia comica. Berlin: VA, Verlag Antike, 2009. Pp. 328. ISBN 9783938032329. € 54.90.

Ananios of Kleitor

On the Papy-list Traianos Gagos announces the publication of the fragments of an almost unknown Greek poet named Ananios of Kleitor: George Economou. Ananios. Ananios of Kleitor. Shearsman Books, 2009. Pp144. ISBN 978-1848610330. £9.95 (US $17). Ananios was born in 399 BC in the Arcadian city of Kleitor. His work is known through forty-one fragmentary […]

DAI – FGrHist V

The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) is sponsoring the edition, translation, and commentary of the ancient geographers’ fragments originally planned by Felix Jacoby for the fifth volume of the Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker. The project FGrHist V is directed by Hans-Joachim Gehrke and coordinated by Veronica Bucciantini. This project involves a large international team of editors. […]

Ioannis Antiocheni fragmenta

Sergei Mariev (ed.). Ioannis Antiocheni fragmenta quae supersunt. Corpus fontium historiae Byzantinae 47. Berlin-New York:  Walter de Gruyter, 2008.  Pp. x, 599.  ISBN 9783110204025.  $207.00. Reviewed by Mark Whittow on BMCR 2009.12.06 Cf. also BMCR 2006.07.37 on Roberto Umberto (ed.). Ioannis Antiocheni Fragmenta ex Historia chronica. Introduzione, edizione critica e traduzione. Texte und Untersuchungen zur […]

Istros the Callimachean: the fragments on Athens

Monica Berti, Istro il Callimacheo, I, Testimonianze e frammenti su Atene e sull’Attica, Edizioni Tored, Tivoli (Roma) 2009 This is the first volume of the edition of the fragments of Istrus the Callimachean. Istrus was a pupil of the great Hellenistic poet Callimachus and worked in the Alexandrian Library. He was interested in many aspects […]

Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop – I Frammenti degli Storici Greci

Tradizione e trasmissione degli storici greci frammentari in ricordo di Silvio Accame. Atti del II workshop internazionale, Roma, 16-18 febbraio 2006, a cura di E. Lanzillotta – V. Costa – G. Ottone, Edizioni Tored, Tivoli (Roma) 2009 This volume is the publication of the proceedings of the second international workshop of the series I Frammenti […]

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