Fragmentary Texts at the DH-Case conference 2013

DHCase2013We are very pleased to announce the program of the DH-Case Conference 2013 (Florence – Sept. 10, 2013), where we are going to present a paper on annotating text re-uses of fragmentary authors:

Bridget Almas and Monica Berti, “Perseids Collaborative Platform for Annotating Text Re-Uses of Fragmentary Authors”. In DH-Case 2013. Collaborative Annotations in Shared Environments: metadata, vocabularies and techniques in the Digital Humanities. Florence, September 10, 2013. ACM Proceedings (PDF)

The goal of the paper is to present a Fragmentary Texts Demo built under Perseids, a collaborative platform being developed by the Perseus Project that leverages and extends pre-existing open-source tools and services to support editing and annotating TEI XML documents in Classics. The aim of this use case is to build a shared environment for multi-level annotations of text re-uses of ancient lost works.

The goal is to publish the annotations and include all this information in the collection of Greek and Roman materials in the Perseus Digital Library. It’s important to note that, while the work presented here is a demonstration of one specific use case and its implementation, it is part of a larger effort of the Perseids project to define and support a new model of scholarly publication in a born-digital environment. This model requires a platform which supports a wide variety of interoperable tools to collect, analyze, preserve and display textual data and annotations in various contexts, as those being developed by GERTRUDE, and the Shared Canvas project. Leveraging standard data models to facilitate integration of tools and data from various sources is a core premise behind the development of the Perseids platform.






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