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Protrepticus – a Reconstruction of Aristotle’s Lost Dialogue

From Doug Hutchinson and Monte Johnson: The Protrepticus was an early work of Aristotle, written while he was still a member of Plato’s Academy, but it soon became one of the most famous works in the whole history of philosophy. Unfortunately it was not directly copied in the middle ages and so did not survive in its […]

Possible Jobs in Digital Humanities at Leipzig

Possible Jobs in Digital Humanities at Leipzig The Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities and Department of Computer Science at the University of Leipzig is looking for candidates for two possible collaborating research groups, one focused on reinventing scholarly communication for Greek and Latin, as a case study for historical languages in general, with the other […]

Visualizing the Classics – Anvil Academic

Anvil Academic and Dickinson College Commentaries announce the availability of a $1,000 prize for the best scholarly visualization of data in the field of classical studies submitted during 2013. Two runners-up will be awarded prizes of $500 each. Submissions must include: one or more visual representations of data that involves some linguistic component (Latin, Greek, or another ancient […]

The tool GERTRUDE – world literature, intertextuality and crowdsourcing

29 January 2013, 6.15 pm Anatomy Museum Space, Strand Campus Annette Gessner, Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities Attendance is free and open to all, but registration is requested: All kinds of texts are linked by citations, paraphrases, allusions, winged words or other textual concordances (or “text re-use”). But to try and find out how many […]

21st Century Citation and Practical Quotation in a Digital Library

21st Century Citation and Practical Quotation in a Digital Library Professor Christopher W. Blackwell (Furman University) Thursday January 17th, 13:00 Room B.7, Classics Department, King’s College London The heart of humanist scholarship is “quotation”, reproduction plus citation. Reproduction lets us focus on an object of study — a word, a verse. Citation saves us from […]

Quotations and Text Re-uses in the Works of Plutarch

We are very pleased to announce the publication of a new collection of working papers by the research team of eAQUA about quotations and fragments in the works of the Greek author Plutarch: Ch. Schubert, M. Klank (Hg.), Das Portal eAQUA – Neue Methoden in der geisteswissenschaftlichen Forschung III, Working Papers Contested Order No. 7, […]

Digital Humanities – the MIT Press

Digital Humanities by Peter Lunenfeld, Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Todd Presner and Jeffrey Schnapp Digital_Humanities is a compact, game-changing report on the state of contemporary knowledge production. Answering the question, “What is digital humanities?,” it provides an in-depth examination of an emerging field. This collaboratively authored and visually compelling volume explores methodologies and techniques unfamiliar to traditional modes of humanistic inquiry – […]

Perseus – Suggestions for new Greek, Latin texts? English translations?

By Gregory R. Crane (Perseus Digital Library): We are preparing for a new set of texts to be entered by the data entry firm with which we work ( The next order will be sent in mid December but a more substantial order will be placed early in 2013.

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