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Collecting Fragments in the 21st Century

Collecting fragments in the 21st century – LECTIO › Laboratory for Critical Text Editing May 14, 2012 In recent years the attitude of scholars towards Greek and Roman authors transmitted in fragmentary form has changed. The optimism of earlier generations that one may be able to reconstruct their works by collecting and combining their ‘remains’ […]

La storiografia greca frammentaria in Europa (workshop)

Giovedì 13 Ottobre 2011, ore 15  Università degli Studi di Genova – Facoltà di Lettere Biblioteca della Sezione Darficlet del DAFIST (via Balbi 4, III piano) La Prof.ssa EDITH PARMENTIER (Université d’Angers) presenterà il volume Ex Fragmentis / Per Fragmenta Historiam Tradere. Atti della II Giornata di studio sulla storiografia greca frammentaria (Genova, 8 ottobre 2009), […]

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