Le papyrus et l’hypertexte. Athénée dans la cuisine du savoir

Le papyrus et l’hypertexte. Athénée dans la cuisine du savoir. The Papyrus and the Hypertext. Athenaeus in the Scholarly Kitchen
05.05.2012, ANHIMA (INHA, salle Vasari, 9h-17h)

Organisateurs | Organisers: Aurélien BERRA & Christian JACOB (contact)

This one-day conference aims at fostering a dialogue about Athenaeus’ Deipnosophists between classicists – whether philologists or historians – and digital humanists.

The study of this complex work has been renewed and intensified for fifteen years: international conferences; editions and translations; projects dealing with intertextuality and fragmentary traditions; relevance for a historical anthropology of scholarly practices and erudition techniques.

As an occasion to share our reflections, this conference will combine a specific state of the art and prospective discussions about the horizon of our disciplines: what methods, tools and environments do we think adequate to study Athenaeus today?
More generally, our ambition is to enhance closer relationships between researchers and teams interested in this author. In order to build such an international network, it seems worth while to express our needs, problems and scholarly dreams.


Aurélien BERRA Université Paris-Ouest & ANHIMA
Gregory CRANE Tufts University
Dominique LENFANT Université de Strasbourg
Francesco MAMBRINI Universität zu Köln
S. Douglas OLSON University of Minnesota
Lucía RODRÍGUEZ-NORIEGA GUILLÉN Universidad de Oviedo
Matteo ROMANELLO DAI Berlin & King’s College London
Alexandra TRACHSEL Universität Hamburg
John WILKINS University of Exeter

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